Why Choose Danner Dental

I travel an hour to see Dr. Danner. I hadn’t been to a dentist for 25 years when I found Dr. Danner. He sat down with me and laid out a treatment plan for me. A year later, my teeth are healthy and straight. Dr. Danner and his staff are friendly and professional I would recommend them to anybody. – Gregory S.

Commitment to Successful Outcomes

Each patient who comes through our door presents a unique set of needs related to their dental health. It is our mission to find the right solutions to those problems, and offer as many choices as possible suitable for that individual. Our commitment to every patient is that we will only present treatment plans which we believe will produce successful outcomes, and, when needed, we will work with you to find a way to afford the care you choose. You can confidently place your trust in our skilled and experienced clinical team, knowing that each of them is committed to your dental health, and that your satisfaction is a top priority.

Long Term Relationships

When you become a patient at Danner Dental, you become an important member of our patient family. We cherish the relationships we have with our patients, including many whom have seen us through significant practice changes over the years. We always welcome new members into the family as well, and sincerely appreciate the referrals of those who entrust us with their dental care. We are proud to have a number of multigenerational families among our patients, and look forward to seeing new smiles every day!

An Amazing Team

Our team is made up of carefully selected and highly skilled individuals who each have an important role in the entire patient experience. We are very serious about the high level of care provided to each person who visits our office and we strive to provide the best dental experience possible. However, we don’t take ourselves so seriously that we forget to have fun — we love to celebrate special occasions, cheer each other on, and plan exciting educational trips together to enhance the level of care we can offer.

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