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    What Is Teledentistry?

    Teledentistry utilizes telecommunication and digital technologies to provide remote dental services to patients. It allows patients to access dental consultations, advice, and treatment right from the comfort of their homes through video conferencing, messaging, and remote monitoring.

    Teledentistry can save time and travel costs, improve access to care in underserved areas, and provide a convenient and cost-effective alternative to traditional in-person dental appointments. It can also provide real-time access to specialists and second opinions, reducing the need for in-person referrals.

    While it can’t replace all in-person visits, teledentistry in Canton can complement traditional care and offer more flexibility to patients. Here are a few ideal situations for teledentistry-

    • Patients who require dental consultations, advice, or second opinions from specialists.

    • A virtual consultation may provide quick and effective diagnosis and treatment for patients with minor dental concerns, such as tooth pain or swelling.

    • Individuals with mobility issues.

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