Tips to Help You Prepare for Implant Surgery

Tips to Help You Prepare for Implant Surgery

March 1, 2023

If you miss one or several teeth and desire a permanent and functional replacement solution for them, you will receive a suggestion from dentists to consider dental implant surgery. Whatever the cause of the tooth loss, whether dental implants comfortably fill injuries or infections, the gaps left by the missing teeth help prevent dental problems.

If you favor getting dental implants near you, taking some steps to ensure you achieve your goal is essential when preparing for the procedure. This post gives you information on the preparation before implant placement. Kindly read for more details.

Preparing for Dental Implant Surgery

Stock Your Pantry

Before proceeding with your procedure from the implant dentist near you, ensure that you purchase or prepare soft foods like smoothies, pasta, soups, and broths without meat chunks, and stock your refrigerator with them. You can expect soreness in your gums for some days following the procedure, making consuming complex foods like nuts and raw vegetables challenging. However, you can process fruits and vegetables into juices because it is an excellent technique to enjoy their benefits. Your dietary requirements are also satisfied by nutritional shakes after dental implant placement. Therefore, you must visit the neighborhood supermarket to stock your pantry with non-sugary drinks to supplement your limited dietary choices. Ensure that you avoid acidic and spicy foods.

Proper Arrangements Essential

For one week after implant placement, try not to plan strenuous activities. Instead, devote time to resting and caring for your mouth during the initial few days after your surgery. Some patients can return to regular activities within 72 hours. However, it helps to avoid a hectic schedule after implant placement.


If you are anxious about the process for dental implants in Canton, OH, your dental surgeon suggests testing by staying away from foods and drinks for at least six to 12 hours before your appointment. Therefore consulting with the oral surgeon for specific instructions regarding fasting helps.

Arrange For Transportation

Dental surgeons suggest you have a caregiver accompanying you during your appointment. In addition, you must arrange for transportation back home after your surgery because you will likely receive sedation, making it challenging to operate vehicles.

Confirm Supplements and Medications

It helps if you discuss with your surgeon which supplements and medications are safe before your implant surgery. If you are on blood thinners, vitamin C, and omega-3 fish oils, you must seek advice from the oral surgeon for your scheduled surgery date. It would help to quit smoking at least 48 hours before your surgery. Most importantly, follow the surgeon’s recommendations to the word.

Get Comfortable

Before going for your scheduled appointment, remove make-up and wear loose-fitting and comfortable clothing because you will likely remain in the dentist’s chair for over an hour, depending on how many teeth you want to be replaced using dental implants.

Sleep Well

Getting a good night’s rest before your surgery is essential. The rest helps you generate sufficient energy to recover speedily after the process.

Care For Your Oral Hygiene

Your oral hygiene must remain excellent to receive dental implants to replace your missing teeth. Inappropriate oral hygiene results in infections to slow your healing. You may also become a victim of premature dental implant failure to need additional and costly treatments.

Following Implant Placement

The tips to prepare for dental implant placement continue even after the implants are embedded in your jawbone. You must continue using the preparatory steps and your investment in soft foods by having them without digressing to your favorite foods until you have recovered from the surgical process. In addition, you must keep yourself nourished after dental implant placement by using soft foods during the initial few days to add other foods to your diet as you recover gradually.

Although dental implants are excellent for replacing missing teeth, they require diligence and excellent care after placement. The time to get artificial teeth mounted on the implants varies between three to six months for patients. This is because you receive the artificial teeth only after the implant has integrated with your body and starts functioning as your artificial tooth root. However, use the tips suggested in this article and follow the post-surgery instructions from your oral surgeon. You can have replacement teeth in your mouth functioning like your natural teeth in a few months after dental implant placement.

If having missing teeth and considering dental implants, Danner Dental provides them giving you adequate instructions on pre-and post-dental implant placement. Get your dental implants from them by scheduling an appointment and having a customized treatment plan created explicitly for you.

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