Dental Sealants in Canton, OH

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Dental Sealants in Canton, OH

Tooth sealants are an inexpensive and highly effective way to keep biting surfaces from developing cavities. Because sealants are a reliable and painless procedure, Dr. Danner often recommends them for both kids and adults. This type of preventive dentistry makes it easier than ever to maintain a healthy smile for many years to come.

How Do Dental Sealants Near Me Work?

Discrete plastic sealants are painted onto the difficult-to-clean grooves on chewing surfaces of back teeth. Once your Canton, OH dentist applies the resin, the coating fills in all the pits and fissures. Sealants smooth the rough surfaces and create a protective barrier.

Typically, decay starts at the top surface of a tooth. Since this area has many hidden spaces, bacteria thrive. When Dr. Danner seals a tooth, the new layer serves as a shield. As a result, nothing gets through it, and the most vulnerable areas are safeguarded. What’s more, a sealed tooth is much easier to clean.

Who is a Candidate for Sealants?

In most cases, sealants are placed on newly erupted molars. Since kids tend to eat more sugar-laden foods, they are more likely to form cavities. Also, children are not always good at brushing and flossing correctly. That is why we recommend sealants to protect young teeth as they grow and develop better habits.

But sealants are not reserved for children. At Danner Dental, we often encourage adults with cavity-prone teeth to consider them as well. With one cost-effective treatment, you can avoid decay, pain, and expensive restorative procedures.

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How Long Do Tooth Sealants Last?

With good oral care practices, sealants can last up to a decade. Over time they do wear down, but there is no need to fear. Dr. Danner will check the integrity of each sealant at every routine visit. If necessary, the layer can be quickly reapplied.

To find out more about dental sealants near you or if you or your child need extra protection, call Danner Dental today. A friendly team member will explain the process to you or schedule an appointment.

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