Prexion Cone Beam CT in Canton, OH


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Prexion Cone Beam CT in Canton, OH

CBCT is cone-beam computed tomography, a advanced type of dental imaging. Dr. Danner uses CBCT when traditional x-rays won’t do. Your Canton dentist also uses it for diagnostic purposes and computer-guided surgeries. This superior tool makes it possible to locate the pathology of jawbones and surrounding structures. At Danner Dental, we are proud to offer this great tool to our Canton area patients.

This CT scanner relies on advanced technology to generate 3-D images of nerve paths, bones, soft tissues, and other craniofacial structures in one scan. With these images, our Canton dentist can plan more accurate and precise treatments. While CBCT is not a conventional CT, it can produce similar images with far less radiation.

How Does CBCT Near You Work?

A cone-shaped x-ray beam travels around the patient to produce many views. CT scans and CBCT both create superior quality images, enabling Dr. Danner to view cross-sections of the head and neck. But cone-beam CT delivers highly detailed images of the underlying bone. We rely on this diagnostic machine to evaluate diseases of the sinuses, nasal cavity, jaw, bony facial structures, and dentition. One of the most significant advantages of CBCT is the lower radiation levels compared to conventional CT.

What Are Some Common Uses Of CBCT?

At Danner Dental, we frequently use CBCT technology for evaluating airway health, mapping implant placement, endodontics (root canals), oral surgery, and orthodontics (including Invisalign). Advances in dentistry today have provided some of the most reliable imaging methods. Dental cone beam CT is also helpful for evaluating more complex cases that involve:

  • Detecting, measuring, and treating jaw tumors
  • Determining tooth orientation and bone structure
  • Diagnosing TMJ disorder (TMD)
  • Evaluating the nerve canals, sinuses, and jaw
  • Locating the origin of pain
  • Reconstructive surgery
  • Safe and accurate dental implant placement
  • Surgical planning for impacted teeth

Our clinical team works with a radiologist to ensure any area of concern outside the scope of dentistry is addressed. Our experts are often the first to note a concern before it is otherwise detected, leading to early treatment and intervention when appropriate. Please feel free to contact our dentist in Canton, OH dental practice with any questions.

Computer-Guided Implant Planning with CBCT

Dr. Danner uses computerized technology to provide same-day dental restorations. This 3D imaging software also helps us map out implant procedures with confidence. The surgical guides position the titanium or zirconium posts without risk to nearby structures like sinuses and nerves. We do this entirely computer-guided, without impressions. As a result, there are fewer appointments, shorter visits, and a much more comfortable process.



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