Gingival Contouring in Canton, OH

The staff is always courteous and professional, and everyone is personable. I have had gum treatments, root canals, crowns, and even implants over the many years that I have been a patient, and I've had no trouble at all.

– Beverly J.

Gingival Contouring in Canton, OH

Gum tissue can greatly affect the appearance of your smile. Sometimes there is too much gum tissue, creating a “gummy smile”, which is just a result of individual growth and development. Other times, there is too little tissue, with teeth that look too long, or show exposed roots; this can be due to clenching and grinding, aggressive brushing or periodontal disease.

In either of these situations, gingival contouring might be just what is needed. This painless procedure is considered plastic surgery of the gums and can produce dramatic results with no downtime. Patients find it to be quite simple and much easier than expected.

After measurements are taken and changes agreed upon, a laser is typically used to get the gumline into a more ideal position to give you a more pleasing smile. Sometimes this is done in combination with porcelain veneers to produce a beautiful cosmetic result.

At Danner Dental, we understand that everyone’s gum lines are different. If you’ve ever felt self-conscious about the way your smile looks, your dentist in Canton, OH can help. Contact us today to see if gingival contouring is right for you.

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