Tooth Extractions in Canton, OH

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Tooth Extractions in Canton, OH

Dr. Danner will always do everything in his power to preserve your natural smile. At our Canton dental practice, we aim to help keep our patient’s teeth healthy. But there are situations where the tooth is beyond repair. In these cases, it is often necessary to remove the tooth for the greater good.

Same-Day Extraction, Bone Graft, Implant, and Crown

Do you have a severe tooth infection? How about a failed root canal treatment or tooth that has already been removed? If so, dental implants canton, OH are a popular tooth replacement solution. Typically, patients undergo the procedure in three phases: extraction, bone grafting, and implant insertion, and crown placement. Patients with a sufficient amount of healthy bone can have tooth removal and implant placement on the same day. Get in touch with our knowledgeable dental team to schedule a consultation.

Computer-Controlled Anesthesia for Painless Injections

The Danner Dental team understands that some patients are afraid of needles and syringes. For that reason, your dentist in Canton, OH, uses a computerized local anesthetic injection system. A microprocessor controls the volume ratio and flow rate. All patients enjoy the benefits of this pain-free and safe process, and those who are nervous patients find it extremely helpful to conquer fear, pain, and anxiety. Since the delivery method is precise, even more of the anesthesia goes into effect faster. You can expect to remain comfortable throughout the procedure without any lingering numbness. Learn more at Watch Video 1 or Video 2 for more information.

For patients needing multiple appointments for dental implant procedures, the typical schedule is as follows:

Visit One: Tooth Extraction Near You

During the first visit, Dr. Danner will focus on removing the impaired tooth. If the jawbone is strong enough, he will extract the tooth and surgically insert the implant at the same appointment. For patients with minimal bone tissue, bone grafting a must to ensure successful implantation.

Visit Two: Bone Grafting and Dental Implant

If all goes well with tooth removal, your Canton dentist can insert the implant. The titanium post is placed directly into the jawbone. Then it is allowed to heal and fuse (osseointegration) with the surrounding bone. It may take several months for a stable foundation to form.

Visit Three: Dental Implants in the North Canton Area

After the osseointegration process has been completed, your dentist office near me can then attach the dental crown. The final restoration serves as a replacement tooth. This step is relatively easy. All Dr. Danner must do is expose the underlying post and abutment piece and screw on the crown. In the end, your natural-looking and functional smile will be fully restored.

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