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Dental Implants in Canton, OH

Implant restorations are nothing short of a modern miracle, and are one of the most predictable and successful dental procedures today. Replacing missing teeth with dental implants can be life changing; improved oral health can significantly influence better overall health. At Danner Dental, our dental practice in Canton, OH, we can provide every step of the process from start to finish — tooth extractions and bone grafts, surgical placement of implant, and the final restoration — all in one convenient location, under the supervision of one doctor. This offers consistency of care and amazing outcomes.

What are Implant Restorations?

Restoration of implant are unique because they replace not only missing teeth but also the underlying roots, and they do not rely on adjacent teeth for support, as in the case of a traditional dental implant bridge. Dr. Jeff Danner surgically inserts the titanium or zirconium posts directly into the jawbone. Once in place, this stable foundation can support one tooth, bridgework, or an entire arch of teeth with a beautiful zirconia bridge. We can also use implants to stabilize dentures.

At Danner Dental, we offer patients dental implant options with the following procedures:

All-on-X (4 to 6) Immediate Implants: This computer-guided surgery allows Dr. Danner to place a full arch implant supported dentures zirconia bridge in just one visit. We can do this the same day. Learn more about Guided Surgery (warning – graphic content)

Traditional Dental Implants: Dr. Danner has extensive international training in the surgical placement of both titanium and zirconia (white ceramic and CeraRoot ceramic implants) implants. Zirconia implants are an excellent alternative for patients with metal allergies, and this type of implant offers exceptional esthetic results.

Both types of implants are wonderful tooth replacement solutions and offer these benefits:

  • Enjoy a better quality of life
  • Experience a renewed confidence in your smile — there’s no need to hide it anymore
  • Chew your favorite foods and dine out at restaurants (with no pastes or adhesives to worry about)
  • Speak clearly and confidently while telling your stories, making presentations or in everyday conversation
  • Enjoy a permanent solution that requires little maintenance and lasts a lifetime

The Dental Implant Procedure at Danner Dental

Thanks to our sedation dentistry methods, dental implant patients are free of anxiety and completely relaxed during the procedure to the fatigue. In most cases, patients experience no discomfort during and post-procedure, and leave with very little memory of the visit.  Learn more about Sedation Dentistry 

When a broken-down tooth is removed, it is important to immediately replace it with a bone graft and implant to preserve the ridge of the jawbone. Maintaining that structure creates a solid foundation for the successful osseointegration of dental implants, a reliable solution that prevents further bone loss.

A 3D CBCT at Danner Dental provides the information to determine if dental implants Canton, OH are an option for you. At Danner Dental, our implant dentist rely on nobel biocare dental implants to give our customers the most efficient teeth restoration treatment high on functionality as well as on aesthetics. If Dr. Danner determines you are a candidate for implants, he and his team will do everything possible to help you obtain the treatment you want. This includes offering treatment plans which will produce successful outcomes, and guidance from our financial coordinator to help you find an affordable payment plan if needed.

What Is Robotic Surgery For Dental Implants?

Robotic dental implant surgery is a computer-assisted surgical procedure in which a robot is used to guide the placement of dental implants. Our robotic dental implants near you uses 3D imaging and computer-generated surgical plans to place implants accurately with minimal invasiveness.

The robot arm helps to ensure precise placement and reduces the risk of human error. Robotic surgery also enhances visualization and agility, allowing for more efficient and effective surgery. Recovery time for Yomi robotic surgery in Canton is typically shorter, and patients often experience less pain than traditional methods.

Implant Dentist Near Me

If you are looking for a dental office for dental implant surgery in or near Canton, OH, call Danner Dental today.

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