Dental Crowns in Canton, OH

I had a crown replaced by Dr. Danner. Fantastic experience! The neatest thing was watching the new crown being produced on the space-age machine. Perfect fit, pain free.

– Pat D.


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Dental Crowns in Canton, OH

Crown restorations can strengthen and support teeth that have large, broken-down fillings and little tooth structure left. Dr. Danner also attaches dental crowns to bridgework and implant posts. They can also restore a broken tooth or protect a weakened tooth after endodontic (root canal) treatment. After root canal treatment, your Canton dentist places a same-day computer-guided crown. That way, the treated tooth is safeguarded immediately. In cosmetic dentistry, we also use one appointment crown to treat discoloration or correct odd-shaped teeth. In any case, a dental crown near you will add strength, improve the appearance of an impaired tooth, and more.

Same-Day and Full-Mouth Crowns

Tooth crowns can fix a range of mouth problems, and they work well for both anterior and posterior teeth. At our Canton, OH dental office, we provide digital scans and an on-site lab for CAD/CAM same-day crowns. In addition, Danner Dental offers full mouth crowns with neuromuscular computer-guided occlusion. Contact us now for more information about our advanced diagnostic process.

Neuromuscular Dentist Near You

Proper jaw alignment is critical to not only healthy teeth and gums. It is also essential to the functionality of jaw joints, bones, nerves, and muscles in the face and head. All of these parts must work together in harmony for optimal oral health. For that reason, Dr. Danner takes a whole-mouth approach to dental care, including the use of Myotronics K-7 instumentation to assist in function of the teeth, TM joints and muscles. When our neuromuscular dentist performs full-mouth reconstruction with porcelain crowns, implant crowns, or bridges, Dr. Danner includes measures that support proper alignment. Therefore, we can treat joint disorders and related problems with great success.

The Benefits of Computer-Guided Technology

With the aid of computer-guided technology, your dentist in Canton, OH can capture complex information for more successful treatment. The computerized occlusal analysis provides direction for alignment of the bite, creating a more ideal new smile as form follows function. Patients can view their conditions onscreen and better understand Dr. Danner’s recommendations to resolve their problems.

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