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Dr. Danner is above all others. His staff is very patient and do everything possible to keep you calm and relaxed. The visits during Covid are as safe and worry free as one would hope. They go over and above what they need to do.

– Robert S.

Spruce Up Your Smile with Our Cosmetic Dentistry Services in Canton, OH

Danner Dental is devoted to offering the highest quality and personalized cosmetic dentistry in Canton, OH. We understand that the first thing people will notice when you meet them is your smile. For this reason, we want to ensure yours is beautiful and confident.

Our cosmetic dentist can correct dental imperfections by enhancing the color and overall appearance of your chompers to give you that look you have desired. We provide various cosmetic treatments, including veneers, teeth whitening, and bonding.

Teeth Whitening

We can minimize the appearance of stains on teeth by performing in-office whitening treatments. We also provide helpful whitening trays when you want to whiten at home at your own pace and convenience.

We address teeth stains from coffee, soda, red wine, and smoking. We give you a gel containing whitening agents if you choose whitening trays. You put the gel into the trays, then wear them for a specific period based on your whitening needs.


Veneers are tooth coverings made of porcelain or resin that look similar to crowns and are placed outside the affected tooth. Our cosmetic dentist near you places veneers to enhance your teeth appearance.

Veneers are ideal for discolored, crooked, or gaps between teeth. The dentist bonds the veneers to the teeth. Initially, an impression or mold is obtained, fabricating the veneers that match your desired look.


A dentist performs dental bonding by applying resin material featuring the same color as the one for your teeth. The tooth bonding treatment helps reshape the teeth for a more uniform appearance. Once the tooth-colored resin has been placed on the tooth, a special blue light is directed over it to cure and harden it to stay in place. Tooth bonding is particularly useful in restoring chipped teeth.

If you want to restore your smile, you can contact our dentist in Canton, OH, for evaluation. Schedule an appointment today!

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