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I’ve visited Dr. Danner for both cosmetic Botox and Juvederm for my upper lip. The results are incredible and he is a perfectionist - very natural results. I’d recommend Dr. Danner highly. I’m very pleased!

– Jennifer.

Botox® and Dermal Fillers in Canton, OH

For many people, injectables have become an essential component of an anti-aging routine. With just a few quick visits each year, it’s easy to keep a more youthful appearance without the need for risky plastic surgery procedures.

There are important differences in the types of injectables available at Danner Dental.

Botox is the brand name for the neuromuscular toxin called botulinum. It’s an easy way to effectively reduce fine lines, wrinkles, smooth out skin and preserve your natural look. It is FDA-approved and patients love it because there is no down time, it erases stress lines and can be easily combined with a regular cleaning appointment, adding convenience to a busy schedule.

Most facial fillers (such as Juvederm Ultra) consist of Hyaluronic Acid, which occurs naturally in the body to provide the structure which supports plump, firm skin. We lose the nutrient gradually as we age, resulting in sagging or laxity in the skin. HA fillers can eliminate voids, lift sagging skin and, plump up thin lips for a fuller frame around a beautiful smile.

Botox® Specialist Near You for Injectable Treatments

It may seem strange that your dentist in Canton, OH offers Botox treatments. However, it makes perfect sense. With his extensive knowledge and training in oral and maxillofacial muscles, Dr. Danner is adept at treating these conditions with great success.

Often, dentists perform more facial injections than any other doctor. They know exactly where to administer the proper doses to achieve maximum benefit. At Danner Dental, our Botox and dermal filler patients experience the intersection of art and science with individualized care from doctor who they can trust.

Treating TMJ Disorder with Botulinum

Dr. Danner may recommend Botox as an option for immediate short-term relief from muscle spasm, pain, and headaches; however that is band aid approach. Ideally, finding the source of the problem and addressing that will yield better and longer lasting results. He does not recommend ongoing Botox injectable treatment for TMD issues, as it can mask a more severe, systemic disorder such as sleep apnea.

Migraine Treatment with Botox Injections

It can be brutal living with migraine headaches. This chronic disorder robs people of their quality of life. Migraine headaches are best addressed by looking for the cause of the migraine, as opposed to covering up the symptoms with Botox injections. However, Botox can assist in providing relief until the cause is determined, and is often considered along with other treatment modalities such as Myotronics Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS).

Both TMJ Disorders and Migraines can be indicators of Sleep Disordered Breathing. To see if you are a candidate for a dental solution to this medical problem, click here.

Dr. Danner works with a team of specialists, including sleep physicians at the Cleveland Clinic Mercy Sleep Center, a myofunctional therapist, a naturopathic doctor, chiropractic physicians, biomedical data analysts, and many others who contribute to the health and wellness of his patients.

If you are suffering from chronic migraines or wants to learn more about Botox®, call or text Danner Dental today.

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