Here’s What You Need To Know About Dental Emergencies

Here’s What You Need To Know About Dental Emergencies

December 3, 2021

A dental emergency can happen to anyone at any time. People experience various kinds of dental emergencies. However, what can you do when faced with a dental emergency? How do you know if your dental issue requires emergency dental treatment? Let’s find out in this article.

Dental emergencies are unexpected dental accidents or dental problems that require immediate dental care. Some dental emergencies could be severe dental cases that started as mild dental problems. On the other hand, some dental emergencies could be caused by accidental events.

In as much as there are dental issues that require immediate dental treatment, some dental issues don’t need urgent dental treatment, and they are called non-emergency dental issues.

Dental emergencies are treated by emergency dentists who are always available to treat dental emergency patients. They are qualified to treat and prevent the dental issue from deteriorating. It is hazardous to postpone urgent dental treatment, especially when it is life-threatening. If you need urgent dental treatment, get emergency dentistry in Canton, OH.

What Are The Non-emergency Dental Issues

As stated in the previous paragraph, some dental issues do not require immediate dental treatment. The dentist can create a treatment plan and schedule a day for the treatment. Unlike emergency dental issues that require immediate treatment, dental non-emergency problems do not require urgent therapy unless they have deteriorated and become emergency dental problems. However, they are non-emergency dental issues does not mean that they don’t require treatment.

Non-emergency dental issues are:

Chipped Or Cracked Teeth

Chipped teeth can be managed for few days. Some people also manage chipped teeth for years. However, it is better to see the dentist for dental restorations that can help restore your teeth.

Less Severe Toothache

Sometimes you might experience slight pain in your teeth. However, you do not need to rush down to the dentist every time you develop a dull toothache. Your tooth can ache due to cold, hot, or hard foods. You can take a pain relief drug to reduce the pain. Nevertheless, if the pain becomes severe, you should see an emergency dentist near you immediately.

Damaged Dental Restorations

When dental fillings are damaged, you can wait a day or two before seeing the dentist. Dental restorations need time for preparations to provide the proper dental restorations for the patient. Everyone has a different type of dental structure. There is no particular size and color for everyone.

What Are Some Dental Emergency Symptoms?

Damaged Jaw

When a person’s jaw is damaged by accident, such person requires emergency dental treatment. Shifted or damaged jaw can be very painful and dangerous if not treated immediately. It can destroy the dental and facial appearance. It can cause dental function difficulties.

Knocked-off Tooth

A person’s tooth can fall off due to a heavy blow caused by accidental events. Most parents are advised to get mouth guards for their children to prevent them from suffering from dental accidents during sports activities.

With good dental emergency care, your dental structure can be saved and restored.

Severe Toothache

Unlike a dull toothache, a severe toothache can cause extreme discomfort. Most times, the pain never goes away, even with the use of painkillers. At this point, you need to see the dentist right away. A severe toothache could be a sign of teeth infection. The dentist can then get rid of the toothache by removing the affected teeth or checking the root canals for infected tissues.

Periodontal Disease

Periodontitis or gum disease is a dental emergency. It is an advanced gum disease that can cause various damage to the teeth and general health. You can visit emergency dentistry near you for gum disease treatments.

What To Do If You Need Emergency Dental Care

The best thing to do when you need emergency dental care is to visit the emergency dentist in Canton, OH. Do not self-medicate unless you have seen the dentist and he has told you what to do. Emergency dentists are qualified to treat various emergency dental issues, so always contact your dentist whenever you observe changes in your dental structure. Also, it is better to see the dentist for regular dental check-ups to help you know more about your dental health and help detect dental illnesses on time. Early detection would help you get early treatment and also save you the trouble of having to see the dentist for urgent dental treatments later.


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