Do You Know Dental Implants can Enhance Your Oral Appearance?

Do You Know Dental Implants can Enhance Your Oral Appearance?

October 14, 2021

What Are Dental Implants?

The dental implant procedure is one of the most well-known procedures in dentistry. According to researchers, it has been around since the mid-20th century. They are one of the best dental restorations available.

Dental implants are an alternative for missing teeth. They are solid titanic screws that are implanted into the jawbone to replace the misplaced teeth. It is an oral surgery that a dentist or an oral surgeon can perform. Once the iron screw is placed inside the jawbone, it connects with the bone over time and allows you to use your teeth properly. This process is called “osseointegration.” When a person’s teeth go missing, they could suffer from different oral problems like misarranged teeth, bad bites, bad facial appearance, and unhealthy smiles. Getting an artificial tooth to replace the missing teeth can enhance your dental structure and facial appearance.

Dental implants are also known for their powerful features. They can last for a lifetime. So if you are thinking of a dental restoration that would last long, you can get dental implants. According to researchers, dental implants have a success rate of 90% and above. Another exciting thing is that you can get dental implants near you.

What Are The Advantages Of Dental Implants?

Dental implants have various benefits. They can restore your dental structure and give you that confidence boost.

  • Dental implants can enhance your speech. After experiencing missing teeth, you might suffer from difficulties in talking. That is because the teeth are not complete, thereby making it hard for you to speak correctly.
  • Dental implants can boost your confidence and raise your self-esteem. When a person’s teeth go missing, they might feel embarrassed to smile or speak boldly. Getting a replacement for the misplaced teeth can increase your self-confidence and restore your dental and facial appearance.
  • Dental implants can enhance your dental health. Dental implants are one of the dental procedures that do not need to remove any part of the dental structure. Unlike some procedures that require scraping out of the enamel or removal of the surrounding teeth, dental implants do not require any teeth removal at all, thereby preserving more of your natural dental structure and enhancing your oral health. They are conservative.
  • Dental implants are reliable and durable. They can last for long, and with good maintenance, they can last for a lifetime.
  • Dental implants are less intrusive and more convenient than removable dental restorations. They are fixed to the jawbone, thereby saving you from the troubles of removing them frequently.

Does Insurance Cover Dental Implant Treatment?

Most insurance companies think that other options can stand in for a dental implant. Therefore, they prefer to cover payments for dental caps and other cheaper dental restorative procedures. Even if they are to pay for the dental implant treatment, they will only pay for the dental implant covering aspect (the part where a dental cap is used to cover the iron screw). Contact your provider to know what plans are available for you.

What Does Dental Implant Treatment Entail?

Before getting a dental implant treatment, you must contact a qualified dentist or oral surgeon. Get dental implants in Canton, OH, today. After you have confirmed your schedule with the dentist, you will see the dentist to prepare for the dental implant treatment. They will examine your teeth and then ask you questions about your medical history. You must provide the correct medical information to your dentist in Canton, OH. After your dentist has confirmed that you’re a good candidate for dental implants, they will make a plan with details about everything you need pre and post-treatment.

Before the titanic iron screw is placed into the jawbone socket, your dentist will administer local or general anesthesia to numb the area. This will prevent you from feeling discomfort during the procedure. Once the procedure is complete, they will give you guidelines on your healing process. You will also be required to allow the jawbone to heal and connect with the implanted iron screw for 6 to 12 weeks before placing an abutment for the dental cap. However, placing a dental crown on the implanted screw is optional.

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